History of NSPS Salethu

In Raebareli district, New Standard Study Circle, which has given a new identity to the education world and provided support from the very beginning like a good parents to the students in reaching their goals through coaching, was established in 1994. Since then, through various schools and colleges, it is still looking forward on the progressive path. In the same sequence, in 2010, Salethu, Maharajganj branch of New Standard Public School was started.

The place where New Standard Public School, Salethu, is established, is a serve locality toward extreme north west of rural raebareli, used to be a holy Kabir Panth Ashram. This institute was established by the untiring efforts of the then head of the ashram, Mahant Shri Baba Sevadas ji, after meeting several times with the founder manager Mr. Shashikant Sharma. He told Mr. Sharma that educationally, this is a very backward area of ​​Maharajganj. If a branch of New Standard is built here, the area will be developed and the ashram will be used for the well being of humanity. The distance from Tripula to Salethu is approx. 35 kms.

In this rural area, NSPS is providing Science and commerce classes, in which teaching work is done in a modern global way. Due to its continuous good results, it has become the first choice of the parents of the area. The result of the school has always been leading in the Tehsil and District level. The students who are coming out of this institute are giving their services in Medical, Engineering, Air Force & Paramilitary services etc. The center of board examination is continuously made by the UP board. The institute is known for conducting the peaceful examination without copying. NSPS Salethu is well established with CC TV Camera for security surveillances among the students. It also possesses well equipped labs and healthy sanitary system.

With the opening of the branch of New Standard Public School in SALETHU, the children of the rural areas are being well educated and they are helping in the development of the country along with themselves.